Your Inspector – A History of Builders

Homes and land are in my blood. George Davis, my grandfather, built quality homes in the Wolf Laurel Development near the NC/TN border. In the afternoons, he returned to his nearby farm bringing nails and blocks of wood for me to play and build with as a young child. He seemed happy as I drove his Wood House full of nails. Later, when he built his retirement home, family and friends helped from the footings through the roof.

Another opportunity arrived when my father and uncles opened Phil-Co Hardware and Building Supply in Mars Hill. Working on their building crews grew my knowledge of construction. From lot clearing though finish work I learned how a quality product comes through a quality process.

As we built spec homes, working with my father helped build our bond and grow my knowledge. He was a NC licensed electrical contractor and all the times spent with him wiring a new home or diagnosing a problem in an existing one were invaluable. If not wiring, then we may be on a tractor grading and seeding a lawn. He was a stickler for keeping the grade sloped away from the home making sure water didn’t collect near the foundation – something I never forgot.

More recent projects included my parents passive solar home, my home, my brother’s home, and duplex apartments.

Experience – Working for you

This background served as a great foundation to move into home inspections. Over the years, the experience from more than 1300 homes inspected goes to work for you with every inspection. Buyer or seller, I strive to equip you with the information you need to make informed decisions.